Thursday, April 17, 2008


Cool new guests over the last week! John's friends Matt, Rosie and Andrew. Also, Jordi's mom Dagny.

Our tender fuel cell was stolen in Cane Garden Bay, Tortola. We got a new one in Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda. Here, Andy can be seen dancing with it:

Andy surfs! Well! He brought his board. I brought him to Josiah's Bay Beach on Tortola. He surfed. This is not him in this pic, as HE took it. But trust me, he's good. The cab driver tried to get $120 for this trip. We gave him $80:

It RAINED. All day and all night at The Baths and to Peter Island. The FIRST and ONLY extended precipitation of the whole trip!:

Chili dogs below, as it POURS on us at Peter Island:

A day-after-Foxy's induced power nap:

Matt and Andy play the "rate the Hooters Girls" game. They did well - way better than Rodger and Jillian:

The Baths in the pouring rain. It was fun and refreshing:

Jordi's mom, Dagny St.John. A very special person whom John and I were fortunate to have on the boat. A very Present and spiritually grounded individual. We had some great deep discussions as well as a few laughs. She is a medical intuitive, and performs energy readings "through the ether". See for more info:


Rodger said...

NO way those guys were better than Rodger at the Hooters game

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