Monday, April 7, 2008


So, it all started out as the usual textbook Peter Island hike, with our latest guest, Kelly. Remember her? We met her and her friend Lisa at Cinnamon Bay, St.John. Kelly liked the boat so much, she just had to come down for another visit! She flies for free; she works for Delta.

There are lots of wild goats on Peter Island:

Just hikin' along, when we heard.... on the side of the road.... "baaaa, baaaaa, baaaa!!". LOOK! It's a baby goat! Awwww.... cute. But also a bit sad. It appears this lil' guy has lost his family:
We all stood and looked at the cute lil' baby goat. I even tried to verbally soothe the lil' guy... "hey buddy, wassup, lil' fella?" etc. Bad move. The baby goat then ran up to us, and assumed that we were willing to be his new family. Cute, but sad. And, probably not the best move for the goat and his chances of reuniting with his real family.

His persitsence was amazing. He clung right to us, right at our ankles as we hiked along.... for miles! He never even hesitated. Kept right on the pace. We became concerned that he would follow us too far away from his goat family. Oh well.... we hike on. We got to the Sunset Point adirondack chairs, and set up the tables and chairs for a timer photo. It was VERY windy, and the strong breeze would blow the camera over onto its back during the timer countdown. This resulted in a great photo of the sky directly above:
It happened twice. We were laughing pretty hard:
So then Jordi has the idea that he will reduce the timer time from 10 seconds to 3, to hurry and take the pic before the wind blows it over. He didn't cut himself quite enough time, and this resulted in a very funny pic of him not quite making it back to his seat in time, musical chairs style. More laughter. Nothing like a good laugh:
We scrap the timer attempts, and just go for the standard long-arm technique:
Yeah, the baby goat is still with us. At this point, we have developed quite the rapport with our new lil' buddy "Goatie". Jordi named him. He gets credit for the originality. So we decide to try and ditch Goatie, so that he has a chance of reuniting with his real goat family. Here's the plan.... I'll toss him down a bank with an established goat path on it, and we all RUN as fast as we can down the road and leave him in our dust, and he'll stay on the goat path. Great plan, huh? Here's how it worked out: I toss Goatie and we run as fast as we can. Goatie is back on our road in two seconds, passes Kelly in short order, and catches me and Jordi shortly thereafter. Kelly then snaps the following pic. We were all lauging SO HARD that we were crying, and our abs hurt. This was SO FUNNY!! I seriously have not laughed so hard in a LONG TIME. To tears:
We did eventually manage to successfully ditch Goatie. We hope he made it back to his family! We had fun with you, lil' buddy!
UNRELATED SIDE NOTE: I was online at Village Cay Marina in Tortola, when I saw a man wearing a Hodgdon Yachts T-shirt! And I just happened to be wearing the EXACT SAME SHIRT! So, I greeted the fellow, and it was Tom Hampson! I collablorated with Tom on the helmpod for Windcrest! Small world.... especially for cruisers. Just running into him is freaky enough, but the fact that we both just happened to be wearing our Scheherazade shirts? Too freaky!:

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