Friday, April 11, 2008

Poaching vs. Legit

POACHING: The "art" of attempting to utilize various amenities of a resort, without actually paying to be a legitimate guest at said resort. Subject amenities may include, but are not limited to: showers, beaches, beach chairs, swimming pools, wi-fi, tennis courts, coffee etc.

LEGIT: The status of being an actual, welcomed, paying guest at a resort. This allows one to fully enjoy all amenities listed above, with pride. No stealth aspect or shame involved whatsoever.

Rodger and Jillian Herrigel, aka "The R & J Train", aka John's Parents, treated us to two days at the PETER ISLAND RESORT! Just plain awesome.

That's right! I'm in the POOL! Room 113 - Herrigel! In your face!!:

Poaching entails hiking to and from Sunset Point, packing your own food & drink. Legit guests get a ride to and from, and food and drink is provided:

Look at the smile on Jillian's face. She was SO PSYCHED to be at the helm under full sail. She marveled at how the boat "tips over" when the sails power up. She's a natural. I see a sailboat in their future:

They got the "pimp pad" aboard Audax. Livin' large:

Peter Island Resort:

They gave us a ride to a private beach on the far side of the island, and delivered "picnic lunches" at the time of our choosing. I never saw a "picnic lunch" like this:

The lobster pants make a triumphant return. Two nights in a row. That's right!:
I laughed at these signs. That's right - in your face. Herrigel - room 113. Check it:

Rodger and Jillian try their hand at picking the Audax/Hooter's Top Ten. There were very few overlaps. As a matter of fact, Jillian picked #52 (D.F.L.) "Elisamonique" as one of her TOPS. We had to stop and go to dinner.... good thing.... tempers were flaring within ten minutes as John and I defended Brodine and Mandy respectively:
They loved Matouk's! True Audax crew:

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Rodger and Jillian!! Your generosity knows no bounds. Pleasant memories that will be with me for a lifetime. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. THANK YOU!

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