Monday, October 22, 2007

Buff, Wax & Bottom Paint

Got lots done this past weekend. Two steps foreward, one step back. Foreward: Got the topsides buffed and waxed, and got the bottom painted. Back: As Sverre (Jordi's brother) started researching a deck leak in the aft cabin, more and more leakage was discovered as more and more soaked and rotten joinery was ripped out of the boat. We suspect the backstay chainplate is leaking. Profusely. File under "issues that must be addressed before departure". It is now becoming evident that we be unable to tackle every action item pertaining to boat cosmetics. Most of those will need to be addressed en-route. Given our reliance on subcontractors and marinas to complete some vital necessary work, our goal departure date of November 5th may now be in question. We certainly hope this is not the case, because it's gonna start getting COLD outside. When you're sitting in your 70 degree living room in your jammies and slippers watching the Red Sox kick ass, it's easy to say "no worries, we'll just leave one week later". When we're miles offshore and it's 40 degrees and raining, we may have a different perception of this.

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