Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Progress Report

Got the money. Got my passport. Informed my place of employment (Hodgdon Yachts). Informed my family. Sold my desktop computer and bought a wireless-ready laptop. Got my house rented out. Found a GREAT home for Rico Tubbs (thank Di-Di!!). Had a meeting with the J's last week, went over action items and delegated accordingly. Johnboy got boat insurance (yes!!). We got a crew heading up to the vessel in Rockland this weekend to attack the action item list. We'll be busy Friday Saturday and Sunday... the biggest task will be to buff/wetsand and wax the topsides, tape out the waterline, and paint the bottom while she's still on the hard. I love anti-fouling paint. Blueberry is my favorite. Tastes just like chicken. There is a secret theory among my family that inhaling anti-fouling paint fumes once caused my dad to have a stroke. The doctors have not confirmed this. I am going to wear a respirator and gloves. If that stuff can kill barnacles, it can kill brain cells.

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