Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Steve St.Jean (me)
See profile at right.

John Herrigel
Age: 28
Hometowns: Chatham NJ, Portland, Phippsburg, Bath ME

Vessel owner. Entrepreneur extrordinaire: Real estate and otherwise. Avid sailor. One day he found a pink cel phone while hiking the Morse Mountain trail. He tracked down the owner: my ex-wife Adrienne. This is how we met. Since then, Adrienne and I refer to him as "cel phone John".

Jordi St.John
Age: 26
Hometowns: Stratton VT, Phippsburg, Portland ME

Accomplished nordic skier, Avid sailor. Has USCG Captain's License. Claims to have connections in Tortola BVI. He and John seem to be really tight - like brothers. He calls John "Johnboy" - Maybe I will too.

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A said...

YEAH!! I am so happy for you guys! Safe travels!