Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Best Post Yet!!

After my last post, John & Jordi's friend Georgia picked us up and took us grocery shopping, then to her house where her husband brian cooked us up brats & burgs while we WATCHED FOOTBALL. What a TREAT that was! Thank you Brian and Georgia!! Then we loaded up the dingy with some serious rations and had about 2 inches of freeboard left over. Luckily it was flat calm. Spent the night anchored in Charleston, then steamed along the ICW in the warm sun. Found a remote anchorage around sunset and had sunset cocktail hour in the cockpit. GOOD TIMES. The fish were jumpin', I was castin' (got skunked) the Allman Brothers were playing, the sun was setting, we were laughing, and we were telling stories about..... OK I'll stop there. We slept well and woke up to PEA SOUP fog. Steamed along anyway... navingating by GPS with no visuals until around noon when it finally burned off. Then it was sunny and warm again... I can get used to this! Steamed into Beaufort SC, anchored, had grilled cheeses in the cockpit in the sun. I broke a sweat. The inspiration hit me: without a word, I went below, changed into swim trunks, emerged from the aft hatch and.... SPLOOSH! Jumped in. Then John followed suit, and Jordi as well. The water was refreshingly cool like Popham is in July. Now I'm at the library as I type... gotta make it back to the marina by 5pm before the showers close.... LATER Y'ALL! P.S. Yes, I'm aware that I am in need of a haircut and shave. I'm waiting until Florida. So there.


Bunnie Rowell said...

I don't know Steve, I'm kinda liking the scruffy look on you..... mmm. mmm. :)

A said...

You rock the Robby Benson!!