Sunday, December 30, 2007


Xanadu Marina & Beach Resort, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island:
Sun and fun. Island lifestyle, friendly locals, and our first official boat guest - Stacey! Not many people here, empty marina... not sure why. The shower doesn't work, maybe that's why? We still like it here anyway. "Junkanoo" is a big New Years festival downtown that we will be attending for sure. I have a KILLER tan. Time is slooowing down. I'm happy and grateful. This some of the real meat & potatoes of why we made this trip....

Nice to see some locals who still dress up on Sunday. God bless 'em:

Food, drinks, music... all right here:

Team Audax (and special guest Stacey) hard at work:
Our lunch cook Duncan. Conch salad (awesome), catch of the day, and his own spicy mac&cheese with his sister's home made cinnamon raisin rolls. He was a big fan of Stacey:

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