Saturday, December 15, 2007

Savannah to St.Augustine

As I sit typing this, I am in a coffee shop in St.Augustine FLORIDA. Florida is a mental benchmark for me: we made it. It's sunny, hot, and there are Christmas carols in the air. Literally... as I type this, I'm listening to Christmas carols. Seems odd while in shorts and flops with sweat beading on the brow. But that's why we're here! New and different experiences. One of my personal goals was to get somewhere warm.... and here we are. Here comes a random smattering of recent photos from Savanna from/to St.Augustine.....

Gourmet burgers in the cockpit en-route:

More swimming! As I slept.....

Boat cleaning day. I took the aft head and stateroom:

Check this out... look closely. This is where we tied up in Savannah - right in the epicenter of all the action. These are some local street performers... and what's that in the background? Could that be the Audax rig? I remember relaxing on Audax and hearing the guitar players' falsetto howls penetrating the night. His buddy with the beard sang harmony and tap danced. This was an unexpected little treat. Savannah has character galore. One drawback of being "on stage" as we were, was some locals are a little too friendly in their buildup to "....oh by the way can you spare some change for a cup of coffee?". All part of the local flavor.
Now THIS is a cruiser! I gotta talk to Hodgdon about grabbing some of this demographic market niche:

THE DOLDRUMS. This is how flat glass calm is was for two days / 150NM from GA to FL. Bo-ring! But it's better than a gale. It just got twilight-zone monotonous after a while. I hope our newly refreshed sails don't grow cobwebs on them!:
Nouveau Chapeau!:

New Christmas card photo? hhmm..:

Jordi and his brother Nat who came to visit and treated us to lunch THANKS!:

I'm navigating... watch out:

Cockpit workshop. Trying to fix the aft head electric pump before guests board.
Well, folks... Team Audax is currently ahead of schedule. We need to me in Miami by the 22nd for John to fly out on the 23rd. Gunkholing the East coast of Florida until then is just Cake. Wait... ARE we ahead of schedule? What day of the week is it? What's the date? Who cares.... I'm off to get myself a haircut here in historic downtown St.Augustine. This 'fro I've been rockin' has got to go. I'm gonna shave the beard as well. Too hot for that stuff. All good things. This is fun. Morale is high. Love you all.... peace out for now.

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Bunnie Rowell said...

DEFINITELY!!!! I think it's the perfect Christmas card! You're so handsome, Steve. :)