Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas eve in Fort Lauderdale

We've been enjoying lovely Fort Lauderdale for the past few days. I used to associate Fort Lauderdale with college spring break drunken beach parties. So did Fort Lauderdale. So they changed all that. Now it's more of a beautiful boats, beautiful houses and beautiful people kinda place. Diluted with throngs of Euro-blue-collar cruise ship passengers who swarm the beaches, bars and junk shops. I am now desensitized to Mega-Yachts, Feraris, Bentleys, Chanel, D&G and surgically enhanced breats on overly-tanned middle aged women. After three days here, they don't even get my attention anymore.... just part of the scenery when you walk around on Las Olas Blvd, which is where S/V Audax is at. Not to worry, we're quarantined into a transient anchorage in the normal-people-income cruiser section. A lot of Canadian cruisers for some reason. We are not taking the boat to Miami, as previously planned. We like the current arrangement too much here in Fort Lauderdale, Maimi is a bit intimidating from a cruising standpoint, and we can just as easily "jump off" from here. (set sail for the Bahamas). I am still going to "do" Miami, however: my new friend Stephanie is a local Floridian very familiar with the area, and she has offered to show me all around Miami. I have accepted her offer. Pics and stories to follow. Merry Christmas, y'all.

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chris175 said...

merry x-mas buddy! this one's for you!!!¤t=IMG_0859.jpg