Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oriental NC to Charleston SC

Loooong, slooooow semi-boring two days of steaming. A little bit of nice sailing, but mostly super calm with 5-10kts breeze on the nose. Of note: GREAT DOLPHIN SHOWS!! I'm not talkin' "hey I think I just saw a dolphin fin over there"... I'm talkin' about TEN OR SO DOLPHINS JUMPING OUT OF THE WATER AND FROLICKING ABOUT, JUST INCHES FROM THE BOAT. This was extremely cool for me. I've never seen that except at SeaWorld. This was au naturel, baby!! Don't believe me? Look at the pics! Also noteworthy: IT'S WARM HERE IN CHARLESTON!! Today was sunny and 80 degrees!! We steamed into Charleston at 6am, much needed sleep 'til noon, got a great lunch, cabbed it to downtown, and here I am at Charleston College Library bloggin' away. Looking around.... I'm OLD. Why didn't the girls look like this when I went to college?? Jordi, get to work... you're 26. You just make the age cutoff.
Here's a random smattering of pics from the NC to SC passage... enjoy:

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Bunnie Rowell said...

I love Dolphins!!! How cool was that? Miss you! :)