Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lame Post

Enjoying Oriental North Carolina. Had a good work to play ratio today. The sail loft says our dodger and sails will be ready tomorrow morning, so we're outta here. We were gonna pull an offshore overnighter to Charleston, SC, but since we'll be leaving late and the winds are not favorable, we're gonna just steam along the ICW until dark tomorrow... maybe to Morehead/Beaufort area NC.

Today's pics: See yesterdays pics. Same deal. I'm only writing this because we actually have wi-fi on the boat, so it's so damn convenient.

"That's OK son, you can do it OOOON the BOAT!"
~Judd "Bender" Nelson in The Breakfast Club

Actually... my choice of TWO networks right here in the salon of the mighty Audax! There's a coffee shop just a stone's throw from the boat... right across the street. But I would never actually throw a stone at it, cuz they have good coffee and free wi-fi.

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A said...

love the quote ;)