Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bahamas Medley

I slept up on deck one night last week, now everyone wants to do it:

Bahamian Zoo (please do not feed the whales):

Bahamian Wi-Fi hotspot. If the PitBulls are in their cages, just knock on the window. If the guy is home, slip him $5, and he'll slip you a card back through the window that has the passwords for his Wi-Fi. It was actually a decent connection... good enough for Jordi and I to make a few Skype calls from the boat:

Bahamian Super WalMart:

Bahamian Starbucks:

Another grueling day:

It rained on us from Georgetown to Red Shanks:


Don't mess with "grill bitch":

"Mind if I chill out here while you weave your baskets?":

I had these birds eating out of my hand (literally):

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