Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Provo III

These are our new friends Bill and Dorothy, and their Alden 40 "Rumrunner". Rumrunner won the Boat of the Year at the 2006 Annapolis Boat Show. Dorothy is holding up the cover of the magazine which announces this achievement. They are quite proud. They should be, she is a stunning vessel. Bill's "dream boat". As I type this, John and Jordi are out snorkeling on the "tender" rafted up alongside, as seen in the photo. I was gonna go, but I just had to come do a post for y'all. Who loves ya, huh?:

Check out this fishy I caught. I had him almost into the boat, then he snapped my 20lb test. I should have used 40lb test. I had to jump into the water and wrestle him into the boat by hand. He kept poking me with his pointy thing. Don't worry, I'm OK:

SOLIDARITY: My dear friend Vivian back home is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments. She went and got a pre-emptive short haircut at a fancy NYC salon before she started. My long 'fro.... "It's too mach, it's TOO MAACH!". So this cut is for you, Viv. I went as short as I could go and still actually have hair:

Here's the view from the cockpit of S/V Audax where she is anchored just outside the entrance to Turtle Cove Marina, Providenciales, Turks/Caicos. The beach is the Eastern end of a seven or so mile long beach spanning all the big resorts:

Boat work day. I signed up for cleaning and oiling the teak rail. She's so dry and weathered that she could easily soak up two more coats of oil..... no worries, it was kinda fun. I suppose I can do it again. Then again. I needed some sun on my back, anyway..... and a good excuse to rock out to some METAL on the ipod. I ALMOST forgot how much I love to crank metal. Almost. Sorry, Mom.

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