Monday, January 14, 2008

Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay was a VERY COOL place! Have you noticed that the phrase "very cool" is being used more and more as we make progress on our journey Southward? Well, I think I can honestly say that Staniel Cay was probably the best all-around stop on the journey so far. This is the spot where some of the aqua-adventure portions of the James Bond 007 movie "Thunderball" were filmed. There is an actual "Thunderball Cave (grotto)" pseudo-underwater cave which appears in the movie, and it is now an excellent snorkeling destination. The best snorkeling I have ever seen, personally. The pics don't really do it justice. Pics never do. So we arrived in Staniel Cay, then took the tender out to Thunderball Cave for the snorkeling. There were nurse sharks and manta rays swimming around right at the docks. Awesome. Dinner on the boat, then into Staniel Cay Yacht Club for the PATS game! This was a festive night.... a late night. Lots of socializing. In the morning, we slept in and then...... went to church!! A small local Baptist congregation had a great service at 11am Sunday morning. Lots of singing. Let us give thanks and praise, and REJOICE! There was much singing, praying and rejoicing. Right before I went into the service, I pet a local stray doggie laying in the shade outside. This doggie was not very clean, and my hand smelled like dirty dog as a result. I had to walk to the beach (right across the street) and rinse the dirty dog smell off of my right hand before the service, as I knew I would be shaking the hand of many a parishoner on this sunny sunday morning. In fact, there was much hand shaking and hugging after the ceremony.

Staniel Cay is an excellent chill-out vacation destinaion. Small island, one Yacht Club, the friendliest locals ever, rental cottages on the beach, each with its own little Boston Whaler on the dock out front, snorkeling, diving, sport fishing, and festive night socials at the Yacht Club. My kinda place.... I can see myself coming back here with some special female at some point later on..... Staniel Cay is definately a BYOW kinda place. (Bring Your Own Women)

Now we are at Black Point Settlement, Great Guana Cay, Exumas, Bahamas. Not much here except for one of the NICEST LAUDRAMATS I have ever been to in my life! The only laundramat I have ever been to where there is a beach in the back yard where you can hang out as the machines clean and dry your clothes. Very cool. There I go again with the "very cool". It's a good thing.

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