Friday, January 11, 2008


We have a stinky little dilemma here on S/V Audax. We have overfilled our blackwater holding tank. (blackwater: peepee and poopoo) Normally, this would not be a problem. However, the aggressive boat motions of a few heavy seas sailing excursions have fatigued the hose connections to the holding tank, and they drip poopyjuice. Also, as we sail in moderate seas everyday, the boat motions cause poopyjuice to spurt and ooze out of the holding tank vent on the side of the boat. This usually sends fresh poopyjuice vapors wafting directly aft into the cockpit. Also, the leaky fittings drip poopyjuice into the bilge, making the vapors virtually inescapable anywhere in the forward area of the cabin. As a matter of fact, I can smell them as I type this in the main salon. You may be saying to yourself: "So, just empty the holding tank!".... not that simple. This vessel is not piped with a loop to pump the contents of the holding tank overboard. Ironically enough, marinas in the Bahamas to not posess holding tank pumpout capabilies, because it is legal to pump blackwater overboard anytime/anywhere in the Bahamas. DOH!! We have decided (accepted) to live with poopyjuice odors until we can find a marina who can pump out the tank. You will know when this happens, as I will be writing about it. It will be cause for celebration here on S/V Audax. Until then, consider "poopyjuice" the word of the day for today. It's kinda fun to say! "POOPYJUICE!!" It's fun.... try it. "POOPYJUICE!!"


Wendy LePage said...

POOPYJUICE! POOPYJUICE! It IS kind of fun to say! I'm sure it's more fun to say than to smell! :)

Cool iguanas, too. It looks like heaven out there. I'm envious.

Have a great time!
Cousin Wendy

Bunnie Rowell said...

SICK! Almost sounds like "beetle juice, beetle juice" Wow, that takes me back too many years, not that I'm old or anything :)

Corinne said...

Wow, I just stumbled upon your blog today and holy smoke was this a doosey. Hope that problem gets taken care of soon :)

John said...

Steve, Erin just read me your colorful story of adventure and intrigue with the poopy juice. I gotta say, it brings back many memories of bygone days. I wanted to relay one story in particular, that was my introduction to this world. When I was a youngin, I helped to manage my fathers rental property on Lake Winnipesaukee. I guess I was around 14 at the time. I remember getting a call from the renters about a problem with the down stairs bathroom that was clogged. I arrived to find that the renter had a very attractive daughter and I fluffed my maintenance feathers to really impress her. After not finding the problem in the bathroom, I went under the camp, a 2 1/2 foot crawlspace that requires you to traverse it like a snake. And bingo, I found the problem. The 4 inch waste line must have separated during the previous winter and at the joint one pipe was 1/2 blocking the other, which provided a thin copper wall for toilet paper to catch on. Well after several months of blockage backup, you can guess just how much material was locked within those copper walls. Being noted for quick thinking, I grabbed the pipe and pulled it apart, freeing the beast sort of speak. I have never seen, nor do I ever hope to, solids move so quickly, as a 4 inch by 14 foot long log of excrement and paper with some poopy juice lubrication, freed from it's constraints, come steaming (excuse the pun) straight at me. Since I was on my side in a fetal position, there wasn't much I could do but to watch it unfold. At this point, I can tell you I understand how you all felt as you stretched for fresh air from the hatch above. I was an impressive sight when I crawled out of the lower confines to be greeted by the young daughter waiting patiently. In my embarrassment, I chose to flee the situation and ran to the water and jumped in. The parents weren't too excited to smell the remainder of my repairs as well as the enhancement to the swimming area. That was an interesting one to explain to my father. Say hi to all.