Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Doing" Provo...

Let's examine the above photo, shall we?

* The weather is not so good today. I'm wet.

* I have my running shoes on because I've been walking all around provo today on a quest for an ATM, lunch, and Wi-Fi.

* I'm wearing my glasses cuz I seem to be having contact lens drama down here... the wind, sand, salt combo, I guess?

* I have my Ocean Planet shirt on to represent: I was talking with an Aussie girl last night whos face lit up when I told her I was good friends with Bruce Schwab. See, Haji? You still have "star power"! She knew all about OP, Vendee, 5-oceans etc etc....

* I have my backpack with my laptop in it, trying very hard to keep it dry. This required running at times.

So..... we did the town with some locals last night. The Shark Bite for happy hour, then a full moon party on the beach at Horse Eyed Jack's, then over to Danny Bouy's for latenight. Good times. Gotta hurry up and post this before my computer battery dies.... having fun! Good adventure day today with bonus excercise... Bye for now!!

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chris175 said...

oh how yee love thee