Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sandy Point, Nassau....

Mmmmmm. Fresh bread. So.... we motor/sailed along the Southern shore of Grand Bahama Island, curved South past Gorda Cay (aka Castaway Cay) and on to Sandy Point, Abaco. We anchored off of Sandy point and dinghied in.... nothing really there at all, except for a few doggies who seemed psyched to walk the beach with us. One was really old, so we named them "Old Guy" and "Young Guy". Old Guy was struggling to keep the pace, and that was kinda sad. He also had an open festering wound on the side of his belly, and that was kinda gross. I don't think Old Guy is long to this world. We spent the night (well... until 1am) on this anchorage, then set sail for Nassau. What a sail that was!! Blowin' 20+ out of the east, us headed due South, made for a NICE beam reach. Two reefed sails, still haulin' ass at 7+ kts. Good times, but sailing in those conditions takes energy... so we we were all beat. I type this in Nassau, and we are not on the fun, glitzy side of Nassau (Paradise Island), we are on the industrial, more "ghetto" side of Nassau. It's OK... we just gotta provision up and we're outta here headed for Exumas. We hear the Exumas are splendid. What we've seen of Nassau is..... not so splendid. At least it has coffee shops which enable me to post this entry which you now read.
Two young guys and an old guy:

John taught Jordi how to make fresh bread. This excited Jordi. It was delicious:
This is Keith, our cabbie who carted us to/from Port Lucaya and our remote sheltered anchorage (Freeport):

Old Guy was not impressed with the photo session. He left:
Anchored off of Sandy Point, Abaco:

This is Gorda Cay, which Disney purchased and converted to "Castaway Cay", a private Disney-only cruise ship destination. Gotta love American Corporate Capitolism. (not):

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