Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eight is Enough

Another half-assed lame post. Sorry. We're in Road Town just to provision up for our next cruise. John's sister Bryn and her boyfriend Ethan "Beef and Bean" overlapped with Suzette and Chelsi for two nights. If you've been keeping track, that's five total guests, plus Team Audax, for a full complement of eight. "Toyt".

We made it work for two nights, and we had a blast. We did Cruz Bay, St.John for St.Patty's day and that was a blast. We also hit the Cinnamon Bay beach and campground, a Team Audax low-budget favorite. Suzette and Chelsi left this morning...... THANK YOU, LADIES for your generosity! They bought dinners, drinks, provisions etc.... and we are thankful. We all had a blast, lotsa laughs and funny little stories. I'm hoping to have time - maybe Tuesday - for a full-on legit post with pics and stories. We're off to Peter Island and Norman Island with Bryn, Ethan and Josh now. Go go go.... here we go again.... Please don't lose faith in this blog. It will get better soon, I promise. Until then, hit up which should be S.O.P. by now since Johnboy is so much more consistent with his posts. I bet he'll post pics of "Eight is Enough"....


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Chelsi said...

Thank you so much for an amazing adventure!! What you guys are doing is incredible. The three of you make a great team and have inspired me. I am sitting in the Charlotte airport right now - just landing from St. Thomas - catching up on 1 weeks worth of email....UGH!! Back to reality. :-( I think I would like to go back to the Audax now!!! Miss you guys already!!!