Saturday, March 22, 2008

Surf's Up!! (and a special bonus treat)

Yesterday was the infamous Bomba Shack Full Moon party. You know, the one with the mushroom tea. The one everyone asks about when you say you've been to Tortola. In an effort to get S/V Audax closer to the Bomba Shack, we pulled into Cane Garden Bay to grab a mooring. As it turns out, there was a killer NorthEast swell, which rendered Cane Garden Bay way too rough to spend the night..... BUT, WOW did we get a treat when we got there!! There was set after set of awesome waves breaking around the Eastern point of Cane Garden Bay, and the EXPERT surfers were out there rippin' it up. So we grabbed a mooring, Audax rockin' and rollin' in the swells, and just watched the surfing in AWE. It was incredible. These were BIG WAVES, and they were breaking on JAGGED ROCKS. This was EXPERTS ONLY surfing, for sure! The sets just rolled by S/V Audax, one after another. Other waves would break all around us in the shallower spots outside of the bay's entry channel. It was spooky how close these big standing/breaking waves were getting to our boat. We eventually got spooked and sloooowly steamed out, watching as much of the surfing as we could.

I have to say, big wave surfing is cool even when you watch it on TV. Seeing it in person, close up, was just unreal. I highly recommend clicking on every one of these pics, and keep in mind, they were all taken from the cockpit of S/V Audax!:

SPECIAL BONUS TREAT - This is for the "Eight is Enough" St.John St.Patty's day crew. Check it out! It's the "Iron Chef of Mounding Maj"!! (a.k.a. Patrick, who felt obligated to get wasted, since he's Patrick and it's St.Patrick's Day)
Sung to the tune of Rocky Raccoon, of course!:


Wendy LePage said...

Nice motorcycle beads! :)

We'll miss you at our house Arpil 12 for the annual Carrier Clan get together. We'll toast an ice cold DC for you or maybe we'll make a Big Mac carton boat in your honor! :)

Cousin Wendy

Chelsi said...

I love that you have a picture of Patrick!! That is so great, he was so funny!! I had no idea someone took that picture, (which is pretty sad considering I was sitting right there on the taxi when this must have been taken - duh!)

"What do you wanna do?"

RC said...

Thanks for the pics! I was in the water both Thursday & Friday but of course was so engulfed in the moment didn't take any pics, EPIC!

Adrienne said...

I agree w/ Cousin Wendy - those ARE nice motorcycle beads! Where did you get those?