Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Here's all the pics I owe you from the Suzette, Chelsi & Josh week. Bryn and Ethan are still on, and Scott (John & Bryn's brother) gets on today and we head for Virgin Gorda. Crazy busy crazy busy gogogogo crazy busy......

Beach naps rule. Long Bay beach, Tortola:

Suzette jumps for joy. Ssshhh.... don't wake us up!:

St. Patty's day, Woody's, Cruz Bay, St.John:

"I like big butts and I cannot lie. You other brothers can't deny: When a girl walks by with an itty-bitty waist and a round thing in your face, you get sprung." Chelsi and her infamous Ghetto Booty at the Willy T.:

Cruisin' around Tortola in a rental car:

This is what Suzette looks like when she wants to lay out in the sun, yet doesn't wanna get any sun on her. Like a hermit crab peeking out of its shell:
Suzette learns sextant navigation from John. I offered to show her GPS / laptop chartplotting:
Cane Garden Bay, Tortola:
What a pain in the nuts. Do I have to do this again?:
St Patty's day, Quiet Mon Pub, Cruz Bay, St.John:

Washing vomit off of bedding. The morning after a late night of dancing at Foxy's, Jost Van Dyke. 'nuff said:
My Chelsi impersonation:

RUDE!! Wait, that's not my middle finger. It's my ring finger, with my new dragon ring on it!:
Peter Island Resort. POSH. One of my favorite hangouts, for sure:
They call me "pack mule":
MAN OVERBOARD!! This is not a drill, this is what you've been trained for. Next time we'll see if we can do it with sails up:

I'm working on my levitation skills. Right now I can only get about 6 inches off the water, but that's enough to really trip people out wherever we go:
We got lei'd in Cinnamon Bay, St.John:
Josiah's Bay, Tortola. Good break. Surfers. I got slammed by a wave while body surfing:
This guy was kind enough to advise me on the proper ways to touch Chelsi. He was a big fan:
John's monkey impersonation. Seconds later, his foot grip slipped and he landed hard on his nuts on the tree trunk, just like the classic comedy shows. "F*CK that SH*T!!" he exclaimed. Chelsi laughed herself to tears:
Let us all climb the mast and jump off the first spreader. I've got the top spreader in my sights, we'll see......:

Rebuilding the forward head pump. This earned me a gold star:

This is the SAME CAT that somehow got aboard in San Juan, remember?? Now he's trying to follow Chelsi and I back to our hotel room. This is on the second floor, even. Nice try, El Cato, but you smell:

"Team Audax Family Fun Day" turns into "Team Audax Family F*ck Day". Not the funnest day we ever had. Long story. You can see the enthusiasm on my face. (leftover pic from pre-guest cruise):
Cane Garden Bay, Tortola:
French toast and fried plantains, Cinnamon Bay, St.John. The night before, as I was recovering from stinging fire ants on my feet, we were informed that tarantulas had been known to inhabit this room as recently as the night before. Great. I HATE tarantulas, to put it mildly. Thanks to the rest of the team for performing a thorough search before bedtime. None were found:
Bomba Shack, Tortola:

The Sugarloaf vs Sunday River battle rages on:

Jordi expresses his disapproval of Chelsi's incessant papparazzi photography practices. Beach Bar, Cruz Bay, St.John:

Bryn Herrigel (aka Honey) and Ethan Bean (aka E-Bomb, Beef and Bean):
The Might Audax and her fearless crew, as seen by the rest of the world:
WOW! Good post, huh?! I finished just in time to go meet Scott Herrigel for the next round of shenannigans. Off to Virgin Gorda..... here we go again!! Later, dudes!!

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