Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Island Hopping II

Back in St.Thomas to bring Erin back to the airport. People are always so sad to leave. We've been out island hopping some more. Since the last post, we hit up Cruz Bay, Coral Bay and Cinammon Bay, all on St.John. I can't wait to really explore the rest of St.John.... very cool place!! So here's some more pics from island hopping with our special guests Kate and Erin:

Willy T's in Great Harbor, Norman Island. The Willy T is and old steel schooner converted into a crazy-ass floating bar that GOES OFF at night. Drunken sailors everywhere, doing crazy shit. There was nudity involved, even. We kept our clothes on. A few others did not. Whip cream into various body parts...etc etc..... here's a "shot ski":

There's the mighty Willy T.:

Sun showers RULE. This was a treat. I was psyched:

Squalls. Yeah, we got hit:

Chillin' at Sandy Cay. Time slows down here:

"Raise tha roof! Woot woot!":

New friends everywhere. They always wanna see the boat, for some reason. What a pain in the nuts, huh? Meet Kelly and Lisa from Atlanta. They wanted to sail back to St.Thomas with us, but Kelly couldn't hang out with a guy who has two big tattoos:
Matouk's Calypso hot sauce. GOOD STUFF. Kate and I regularly injured ourselves with it all week. Hurts so good. At one point, Kate actually rubbed a peice of sliced zucchini on her lips for relief. Here we are, pushing our luck by dipping flaming hot cheetos into the Matouk's. Nummies:
The next Carib ad campaign:
Jordi gets an onboard haircut. Hair ended up in the tender, somehow:
The members of Team Audax have a special rapport. Didn't think I'd post THIS one, did ya?!:
See? Jordi needs a haircut. Wait, is that Sverri? (sorry, Swerve):
The dinghy ride home from Willy T's. Didn't think I'd post THIS one, did ya?!:
Cocktail Hour (5-6pm daily) aboard S/V Audax. Pate (sans accent aigu), Macadamias and fresh baked bread. See how we roll?:
Cinnamon Bay, St.John. Very cool place:
Charlotte Amalie, St.Thomas:
The trail hike on Peter Island. Peter Island is, you guessed it, another "very cool place":
Captain Kate, and first mate Erin. Only one keel hauling:
It's always special when someone makes the effort to bake (vs purchase) a birthday cake for you. It's even MORE special when they do it on a BOAT. Thanks, everyone!:

Next is overdue boat work, chill-out as the streamlined three person Team Audax until Chelsi, Suzette and Molly show up this weekend. Thanks to Kate and Erin for being the island hopping "guinea pigs". We've got the sweet destinations scouted out for the next round of guests. I'm psyched to go back for round two at a few of them..... most notably Peter Island, Willy T's and Cinnamon Bay St.John. Ya, Man.


Rodger said...

See if you can find the mooring you like with a nice resort attached such as Little Dix or Bitter End, etc. Thing look good in very cool land.

Chelsi said...

This all looks so beautiful and fun, I am so excited!! Thank you Team Audax for inviting us down! I can't believe we are going to be hanging out down there....it looks so amazing. I am not going to want to leave. 5 more days! :-D

Lisa said...

LOL, We're coming back to visit if that's ok with you guys?!