Monday, February 4, 2008

The Big Jump

Today we took on fuel and water, and provisioned. Jordi flies back tonight. Early tomorrow morning, we set sail for Grand Turk to top off on fuel and look closely at the weather projections. Then, when/if the conditions are right, we make The Big Jump: Grand Turk to Puerto Rico... 300nm to the South East. We may have to ditch out due South and head for Dominican Republic, if the conditions are not treatin' us right. Time will tell. So as usual, you will not be seeing posts during this time offshore. It has been a pleasure blogging from Provo TCI. Fun place for sure. We definately logged a few campfire stories on this island. ;)

Where will the next post be from? DR or PR? Stay tuned to find out!! (gimme 3 or 4 days to get there first)

P.S. - That SuperBowl kicked ass. What a game!! Yes, that's right, I rooted for the Giants. Email complaints to

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