Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tortola II

Remember, in the last post, when I exclaimed "This is what I'm talking about!!"? Well, I need to issue a retraction: THIS is what I'm talking about!! John and I rented a car yesterday, to really see the island of Tortola. WOW, what a FUN day. Just plain awesome.....

Behold.... the little car that could.... and did.... the DIAHATSU CHARADE!:

We visited Jordi and Kate up at Jordi's relative's mountaintop residence. The term "incredible" doesn't even do it justice. If Jordi's relatives are reading this, THANK YOU for your hospitality on this day. What a truly special little spot on the world you have created for yourself. You are truly blessed..... just awesome:

Yes, that's a swimming pool you see up here:

This pic is an attempt at capturing the steep, curvy and precarious nature of the roads through the Tortola mountains. When I say "roads", I mean more like concrete goat path switchbacks. Our little Daihatsu amazed me all day with her ability to scale these slopes in granny gear, even with four people and ten gallons of water:
The views were..... literally breathtaking. Keep your eyes on the road.... stay left:

Roadside bag lunch with a view:

This is "Bomba" of "The Bomba Shack" fame. Ladies, give your panties to Bomba, and you shall be blessed. Not my idea, his:
This is the Bomba Shack Mission Statement. Click on it to enlarge it and read it. It's pretty cool:

The Bomba Shack is the home of the notorious Mushroom Tea Full Moon parties. We just missed the last one, but as you can see.... we get another chance every 28 days. Look closely.... a Sunday River sticker!! Where are my Sugarloaf stickers when I need them?! I'm a bad Sugarloafer since 1977. That's right, even though my allegiance lies with the 'Loaf (and the 'Bird), it was still cool to see this sticker:

Today, Jordi and Kate rejoin Team Audax, we sail back to St.Thomas to pick up Erin, then it's off ISLAND HOPPING for the next few days. SWEET!! Jost Van Dyke.... Virgin Gorda.... Norman Island..... Peter Island.... Anegada.... hmm.... choices.... choices..... who knows what the wi-fi deal will be on this adventure, so we may be looking at a multiple day blog hiatus, folks. Please be patient and stay tuned. Team Audax loves you all, and appreciates all of our loyal readers.


Chelsi said...


And by the way...don't think I didn't notice that cigarette!!

Chelsi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday, Wasband!!

Bunnie Rowell said...

I hope you had a wonderful Birthday, Steve. I can't imagine that it was anything but wonderful. Sending you birthday kisses...... MUAH! ;)