Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Big Jump (I mean it this time)

So, here's the deal: We've been doing Big Jump prep stuff and chillin' out here in South Caicos Island. Our weather analysis - thanks to some personal attention from Chris Parker - has concluded that we are jumping off at 4am tomorrow (Fri) morning! Finally.... a conclusive decision that we all feel good about. We're ready. The boat is ready. I even changed the engine oil today. Since we have wi-fi on the boat, and I had some chill-out time today, here's some pics for y'all. Enjoy:

See Audax waaay out there in the bay?:

Fishing skiffs, South Caicos Island:

Even the dogs are on island time around here. Check out the nuts on this sucka, huh? (you know that's the first thing you noticed. Don't kid yourself.):
This is Steph T. Not to be confused with Steph G of Miami Christmas Tour fame. There are two Stephs now. This was taken during a snorkeling expedition, right before we got poured on. You can actually see the squall coming in the pic:
Nancy and Steph G at Turks & Caicos club. MAJOR PROPS to these two for their hospitality in Provo! Team Audax loves you!:
This one is for Steph G. What a fun day that was, huh? Thank you again!:
Me and Jordi performing surgery on "Otto":
Steph T did John's & my laundry hours before we split outta Provo. Thank you, Steph T!:
Johnboy changing a zinc:
Super Bowl at the Shark Bite, Provo. Dorothy, Bill, Johnboy, Nancy, me:
More Otto surgery:
South Caicos Island from the cockpit of Audax:
More Otto surgery:
Good times aboard Rumrunner. Bill, Johnboy, Jordi, Dorothy, me, Steph T:
OK so, this will be the last post for about four days. This time I really mean it. We're outta here at 4am, offshore for 500nm.... hopefully all the way to San Juan, Puerto Rico. That's the plan. We'll see how it shakes out for real. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers until then. Can't wait to tell you all about it from either Puerto Rico, or maybe Dominican Republic if need be. Godspeed, Team Audax!
BLOG FODDER: I just realized by looking at the above pics, that I've been wearing the same shirt for four days, sans shower. No showers available here in South Caicos, so we've been "Joying it". This entails bathing in the ocean with Joy dish soap. Did that today, and changed my shirt. I suspect I will take a sponge bath at some point during the next four days at sea.


Stephanie Miami said...

What can be better that not one but two Stephanie's in the Caribbean? This one won't do your laundry though. :)

Beware the Chupacabra in Puerto Rico.

Danielle said...

Hey Steve, I have been following you all along !!!! I have been to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St.Croix. The best time of my life! It will be a long time before I get to do something like that again :) BUT I WILL!!! You better believe it. I missed you at Christmas. I had a good time, it's the only time I get out anymore. With two little ones you can't do much. I am anxious to hear from you when you dock.
Your cousin,