Wednesday, February 6, 2008

South Caicos Island

Surprise! We pulled into South Caicos Island just to fuel up, ice up, provision, and study the weather window for "the big jump" to Puerto Rico. Of all places, this anchorage has a wi-fi signal right on the boat! Never would have guessed it here, but.... sweet. So, y'all get an interim update. So we fueled up, got ice, most of the provisions, and we're gonna get lots of sleep tonight, and analyze the crap out of the weather projections tomorrow. Then it might just be set sail on the big jump mid-day tomorrow. I'll do a quickie post like this one - since I can - when we leave.

Exciting times on Team Audax: had a rough anchorage last night in the middle of the Caicos Banks. This is not recommended, but we didn't make South Caicos before dark, and you need daylight to sail across the Caicos Banks due to all the coral heads. We also had to fix the autohelm today. Team Audax is functioning smoothly, focused on the task at hand: Get to Puerto Rico safely in the upcoming 3-4 day weather window we will hopefully be blessed with. C'mon Chris Parker..... we're counting on ya, buddy. (Chris Parker is the single sideband radio weather guy)
Sorry, no pics today, kids. I gotta hit the hay to put some extra sleep in the bank for the big jump.

BLOG FODDER: I almost lost a few fingers on my left hand last night during a rough anchor deploying in which I also held Jordi by the belt as he hung over the pulpit while the bow intermittently submerged itself. (ed: run-on sentence) That was a tense situation. We were overdue for one of those, right? We are also currently dealing with a flea infestation here aboard S/V Audax. All of our legs and ankles are all chewed up. Raid and Lysol tonight.... we'll see what happens. Maybe these are Puerto Rican fleas looking for a free ride home. Look at the bright side: Better than cockroaches, right?

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