Sunday, February 24, 2008

St.Thomas USVI > Tortola BVI

I'm in Road Town, Tortola, BVI. Two days ago I flew from Miami to St.Thomas USVI, then took a cab from the airport to Red Hook to reunite with Team Audax. The next morning, Jordi and our special guest Kate showed up and we cast off for the steam to Tortola. During this trip, it became quite evident: WE'RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE. Steep mountains, hillside villas, and chartered sailboats everywhere! Just getting familiar with the town now... kinda quiet since there's no cruise ships in town right now. Many businesses only open when cruise ships are in town. In fact, I'm typing this from a bar that is CLOSED. See? Here's a shot taken right from where I sit as I type this post. You can see my laptop power cord bootlegging its way into the closed bar...... and a couple hot chicks I met here:
This is the backyard at the Gordon Compound, Coconut Grove, Miami. Major props, once again, to Stephanie for her hospitality! Thanks, Steph! You rock!:
This is Steph's cat Rerun. She denies ownership of this cat, since Rerun sorta adopted HER. Rerun pretty much lives outside at the Gordon Compound, and she feeds him and leaves him water. He was my little buddy when I would hang out on the deck.
Road Town, Tortola, BVI:

That's Red Hook, St.Thomas, in the background. I'll go back there soon. Jammin' nightlife scene there:


Rodger said...

Glad your backto Team Audax. Datona sounded cool.

Chelsi said...

I am such a sucker for eye glasses. I love that pic of you! See you soon, can't wait! ;-)