Thursday, November 1, 2007

10.30.07: Rockland to West Point

Above: Smiling John at the helm, with Knight's Marine Services behind us. This is where Audax sat in her cocoon, in a state of suspended animation, for three years. She has awoken.

Rockland to West Point, Phippsburg: Sunny, 50's temps. Winds 15-20kts out of the South / SouthWest, gusting to 25kts. Seas 2-4ft. We stayed pretty hard on the wind all day, rounding up on occaision when the wind gusted to 25kts. On-the-wind is not Audax's preferred point of sail. She's really happy cracked off to a tight reach, and liked a nice beam reach even better. In the first two pics above, the wind is honkin', and we're doing 8-9kts boat speed on the wind. The big genoa is super powerful, so serious weather helm was an issue all day when we were on the wind. This would explain why Jordi can be seen behind me, manning the mainsheet. We were playing the main ("dump it! dump it!") most of the day, when the breeze honked. Arrived at West Point Yacht Club (don't look for this Yacht Club on your charts) with daylight to spare, and were treated to sodas and pizza at the Herrigal compound. Thanks to "Jilly".

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