Saturday, November 17, 2007


Friday: Phil Shelton came aboard to get our radar and autohelm up and running. I dabbled with various nick-nacks. Then I went and SOLD MY CAR...again. (long story) The money went right from me, directly to John. Then most of it went from John to Phil. That was kinda funny. We chuckled. Spirits are lifting and morale is improving all around. Feels good, cuz I've been stressed out lately... I'm not used to stress, really. Stimulating, yet I can think of more pleasant stimulus. I digress....

When I got back from selling my car, Phil had his laptop fired up and we went over SSB Single Sideband weather fax transmissions, three AWESOME weather websites, and then.... a TREAT: Phil fired up his laptop Nav/charts and went over the route he and his wife took south on the ICW. This was COOL! We were smiling and looking at each other and getting PSYCHED.
Then we went and stocked up on provisions at BJ's... thanks, Brynnie! Spirits were light and we were joking around and having fun.... in literary terms, this is called "foreshadowing". I think.
AFTER: ($400.01 later)

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