Monday, November 26, 2007

NYC to Atlantic City, NJ

Had the first official Audax social Saturday night! Then we all went to a GREAT Vietnamese restuarant in Manhattan... so yummy. Left NYC Sunday morning, and planned to steam all the way to Cape May NJ. Started out as a GREAT evening, even steaming (wind on the nose). Mild temps, stars & moon... then everything changed. The clouds blew in around midnight, seas built and we were losing speed. Forecast was for it to build, so we decided to ditch into Atlantic City, short of our goal. Then we had some... umm.... shall we say "very tense" navigational challenges around the inlet to Atlantic City. Shoals all around, blank spots in the chartplotting software charts, inconsistencies between the paper charts and the real world nav marks... yadda yadda. It SUCKED. Not fun. But we made it in, tied up at Trump Marina, and stepped into the largest collection of huge-ass bird shit I've ever seen. Yummy. Slept. It appears that seas and winds are impeding our forward progress for.... possibly the next few days. I'm sitting in a Hooters at the Trump Marina Casino/Hotel. I didn't see Tony Soprano on the docks and I don't see Donald Trump anywhere either. What a jip. Cory is coming in from Philly tonight to take Team Audax out to dinner..... sweet! That should boost morale. Morale has not been high recently due to the above... but it's all part of this big adventure!! I just cooked broccoli and burgers on the boat which boosted spirits... my burgers are better than Hooters'. Ironically enough, I'm at Hooters for the Wi-Fi. Really. I hate Hooters. I feel bad for the girls who have to wear those silly looking uniforms, and the food actually sucks. Chillin' like a villain until dinner with Cor-dog tonight.
Team Audax loves you all......

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