Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cape May, NJ

Here's that posh 31st floor Ritz-Carlton pimp pad in Manhattan:

John netted $150 for the boat kitty last night via some legal blackjack victories at Trump's Marina Casino. I take back everything I said about Atlantic City, NJ. I love it. I'm going back right now, actually. Screw the Caribbean. My take on Hooters still stands, however.
Lovely sailing conditions as we sailed south from Atlantic City to Cape May NJ today. Sunny and breezy. We have a slight issue with diesel fuel leaking into the bilge when the tank is full and we are on a heeled starboard tack. Second time that has happened. No biggie. We just won't top off until that's sorted out....
Nothing else to really report. Just went and got provisions in Cape May and we're gonna cook up some vittles: fresh locally caught swordfish and asparagus. Nummies. We've been really good about cooking on the boat and not eating out. We're on a budget, ya know! We may actually go out socailizing tonight... we'll see... will shenannigans ensue? Stay tuned to find out. Same bat-time, same bat-channel.

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anna said...

Hey there! I know you guys are having a great time, so i wont ask! Its cold and rainy in maine, hope to talk to you soon! :)