Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Stepping the rig. Again. Had to inspect the mast step which we neglected to do the first time we pulled the rig. DOH! The step was quite corroded, but still structurally sound. Just wire brush the bejeezus out of it, spray some anti-corrosion agent on 'er. Bruce will be around tomorrow to tension the rig and shakedown sail.


Main Salon:

Aft Stateroom:
As you can see, staying organized and keeping everything tidy and neat is a top priority. Wait.... whos tools are whos? Don't spill your coffee on the new 8D batteries. I think I dropped a socket into the bilge. My phone is ringing.... where is it? Have you seen the duct tape? It's over by the heat gun..... WHO LEFT THE HEAT GUN RUNNING ON THE FUEL CELL?? (just kidding on that last one)
Today I cleaned out the propane lockers, double checked and tightened the propane locker drain hoses, and cleaned up the actual tanks. Started reassembling the aft stateroom joinery. Replaced some trim in the galley and salon..... Jordi worked his last day at his job today. Now all three of us are FULL TIME until departure. How long will it take? When can we leave? STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT, CUZ WE DON'T KNOW!! STOP ASKING, PLEASE! hahahaha....

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