Tuesday, November 27, 2007

S.O.L. in A.C., NJ

Holed up in Atlantic City, NJ. Still. Cory came in last night and took us out to Ruth's Chris Stakehouse downtown. That was awesome. Thanks, buddy... Team Audax loves you!

With all due respect to the locals, it baffles me that this place (Atlantic City) is a "tourist destination". It's kind of a shit-hole. That's just MY OPINION. I'm from Maine, so my local beauty bell-curve is skewed, let's face it. If anyone out there is looking for casinos with elderly people in nylon leisure suits and bad jewelry sitting at slot machines smoking cigarettes between huffs on their oxygen tanks, THIS is YOUR place!!

It's looking like the weather is lightining up... it blew a GALE yesterday and last night... SO GLAD to be made fast to this dock. Maybe A.C. ain't so bad after all.....

We're gonna try to split tomorrow morning for Cape May, NJ, re-check the weather, then round the Delaware shore to the Chesapeake Bay, then into the I.C.W. aka "the ditch" where we no longer have to worry about weather windows.... just shallow silt beds and low bridges. Hope y'all are well.... jeez: if you're reading this, shoot me a frickin' email already will ya?? Show a brotha some love, peeps!! stevestjean@hotmail.com

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