Tuesday, November 20, 2007

!!! OUTTA HERE !!!

I'm writing to you all from Newport, Rhode Island, so WE FINALLY SPLIT!! Here we are Monday morning, minutes before departure at 7:50am:

It was very nice to see my family the night before at Lise & Greg's 25th wedding anniversary party... congratulations, Lise & Greg!! 25 Years!! Woot Woot!! Thanks to Chip & Renee for letting me stay at their house the night before, and especially giving me a ride to the boat at 6am with all my stuff!! Thank you Chip and Graham!! Why am I yelling?

Morale was VERY HIGH as we depart Strouts Point, South Freeport:

Documented proof - Strouts Point getting smaller off the transom:

At the helm, still beaming. Lovely conditions:

At the helm about 24 hours later, not so nice conditions:
Here's the cliffnotes... Departed Freeport, heading for the Cape Cod Canal... it was breezy, cold and SNOWED a bit before dark. The seas picked up a bit and rolling swells throughout the night caused general nausea all around. No actual vomiting, but not exactly a Jimmy Buffet song, either. We rotated 2 ours sleep / 4 hours helm & nav shifts until we arrived at Cape Cod Canal at 7am. I skipped the canal to go get my first actual sleep of the trip. I wasn't able to sleep during my night naps... but still relaxed. Chilly and damp but breezy conditions today in Buzzard Bay as we sailed at 6-8kts all the way to Newport Harbor around 4:30pm and here we are. S/V Audax and her systems performed flawlessy. Dinner in town tonight with John's folks and then.... SLEEP. There's more to write, but I'm tired and hungry, so it ain't really flowin'.... more of just a straight up update for all our loyal readers. Over and out for now.

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