Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving in Mystic, CT

First off, sorry for the delayed posting. Haven't been able to hit wi-fi recently.... I'm actually typing this off line as we steam West in the Long Island Sound toward NEW YORK CITY!! We departed Newport, RI on Wednesday morning and sailed to Mystic, CT. Jordi's aunt Kay lives in Mystic and works at the Mystic Historic Seaport Museum on the water, and we were able to dock there for free-99. Yet another Hookie! Our slip in Newport was free, dinner on Rodgie & Jilly, breakfast on Rodgie, and now the Mystic Seaport hookie. We love it! We arrived in Mystic early enough to hit the West Marine store for various supplies, then groceries. We had Mystic Pizza at Kay's and hit the racks aboard Audax. The next morning - Thanksgiving - we did some work on the boat: boom vang, flag staff, outboard / tender stuff, and I unpacked finally. John played with his new toy: "The Shlong". The Shlong is a big ol' amplified internet antenna which is supposed to pick up wi-fi from a two mile radius. It has yet to perform with any success, so we'll see about that. Then we went to Kay's for football and a great Thanksgiving dinner. Nummies. Back to Audax for ninites, and departed Mystic around 930am bound for NYC. The breeze in Long Island Sound was HONKIN' today... we sailed with reefs, but then we just bagged the sailing altogether as the breeze grew to 30+ consistent out of the cold North. We altered course to hug the CT shore to minimize the chop. It's COOLD. Great sunset and now a full moon. we have begun our 2 hour rotations at 6pm and I just made some coffee... mmm. That's it for now, folks. I hope I get to cut/paste and post this in NYC if y'all have not given up on me. Sorry for the delay.

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