Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another Busy Day

Bruce came and tensioned the rig. I ripped off the old, dry, ripped mast boot, cleaned up the mast / deck penetration, and Bruce and I crafted a nice new mast boot. See?:

It is currently the nicest newest looking thing on the boat. :) I also Rustoleum pained the propane tanks. I went to show my car in Topsham, and took a deposit on it. That was a stress point, so I'm glad to have sold the car. Just a touch more $$ financial peace of mind to cover the sans-income time period coming up. We continued cleaning and reassembling the interior of the boat.... it's actually starting to look livable down below! Sweet! We hauled everything out of the boat to reorganize, take some stuff home, re-stow the rest aboard in an organized manner. We obviously will need to optimize all stowage space. Here's a pic of the middle of this process, and note how messy all the halyards and toppers etc look? I took care of all those.... tidying up all the running rigging just as a serious gale blew in... the fenders and docklines are getting a WORKOUT tonight.....

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